NYCHA Journal

$665 Million PACT Renovation Coming to Bay View Houses

“Bay View residents’ selection of MDG, Infinite Horizons, and Wavecrest as partners in this PACT renovation is an exciting example of how tenant decision-making can profoundly improve the quality of life at NYCHA developments,” said Deputy Mayor for Housing, Economic Development, and Workforce Maria Torres-Springer. “This collaboration between tenants and an experienced, community-oriented team will make a major positive impact on peoples’ lives.”

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Greenline: North Brooklyn Community News

Williamsburg Houses Opens Applications for $5,000 Scholarship for Residents

In an effort to bolster educational and vocational opportunities for its residents, Williamsburg Houses, an affordable housing development located in Brooklyn, is now accepting applications for its scholarship program, the Inspired Path Forward Scholarship.

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The Real Deal

Hochul tries to address insurance discrimination against low-income tenants

The proposed ban has garnered support from industry experts and lawmakers, with Susan Camerata, CFO of Wavecrest, expressing optimism that it marks a positive shift in how the insurance industry approaches policy formulation.

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Gov. Hochul’s budget bans insurance discrimination against low-income tenants

Camerata, whose company manages or owns more than 30,000 regulated and income-restricted apartments, said the proposed ban is “a step in the right direction for changing the insurance industry and how they write policies."

“Basing policies or declinations on the income of people who live in buildings should never be used to assess a policy,” Camerata said.

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