Betances Houses

Bronx, New York (2017 - Present

Betances Houses is a public-private partnership between NYCHA, RDC Development, and Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York to generate funding to keep families in their homes and improve residents’ quality of life.

Betances consists of 1,088 units in 55 scattered buildings in the South Bronx. The buildings are not identical, so evaluating the need and ensuring that the scope of work would be consistent throughout the portfolio was a major priority at the beginning of the project.

Over 24-months, the restoration of Betances included a major rehabilitation of building infrastructure and amenities, the implementation of security measures, and the development and implementation of a social services program tailored to the individual needs of the Betances community. The renovation also included entirely updated kitchens with new flooring, appliances, sinks, cabinetry, LED lighting, and smoke detectors; renovated bathrooms with new flooring, sinks, toilets, fixtures, and cabinetry; improved ventilation; and apartment-wide upgrades such as new windows, flooring, and fresh paint. The cumulative impact of the restoration project has improved the quality of life for this at-risk community while empowering residents to live fuller and healthier lives.

Betances Houses in the Bronx was completed through NYCHA’s Permanent Affordability Commitment Together (PACT) program and was a major RAD conversion.

Home to nearly 3,000 residents, Betances Houses was suffering from decades of federal disinvestment and was in desperate need of repair, from in-unit renovations to the major rehabilitation of building infrastructure. In 2017, NYCHA applied for HUD’s RAD Program to obtain the funding needed to make critical repairs at the Betances properties. RDC Development, a joint venture between MDG Design & Construction and Wavecrest Management, used their creativity and expertise with affordable housing finance to close the deal without use of government subsidy, allowing valuable Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) to be utilized in other needy projects while serving the same goal of preserving the quality of affordable housing.