Program helps NYCHA Eastchester residents to decide redesign, redevelopment of their homes

Date: April 22, 2024

Publication: News12 The Bronx

Tenants of a New York City Housing Authority complex in Eastchester are a part of the decision-making when it comes to redesign and redevelopment.
Residents of the Eastchester Gardens were able to enjoy their newly designed tenant’s association office, made possible through the PACT Program.
The PACT Program, also know as the Permanant Affordability Commitment Together, is an initiative between NYCHA and developers to make repairs, redesign facilities, and maintain quality service for tenants.
RDC Development is a professional partnership between MDG Design & Construction and Wavecrest Management that was selected as the Eastchester Gardens PACT Partner.
Residents say what’s special about this program is they are involved in the choices made for their homes, including designs and the team they want to work with.
The PACT Program says it aim to keep these homes affordable but improve the quality of life for NYCHA residents.

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