Williamsburg Houses

Williamsburg, Brooklyn (2022 - Present)

In February 2020, MDG was designated the developer of Williamsburg Houses and the project closed in February 2022, in partnership with Wavecrest Management as the site’s new property manager. Demolition and construction are underway in the second building, marking significant progress in the project, which will ultimately include the complete renovation of 1620 units across 20 buildings. The renovations of Williamsburg Houses will comprehensively improve the site, while simultaneously providing necessary social services support and property management. First built in the late 1930s and originally called the Ten Eyck Houses, the property is in desperate need of extensive repairs which will be carried out by MDG. Rehabilitation work will include upgrading all apartments and common areas; modernizing building facades, elevators, security, and heating systems; and abating environmental hazards such as lead-based paint. In addition to all property improvements, the PACT program will provide Williamsburg Houses with energy and sustainability improvements and will help to address the specific needs of the property identified by residents.

Additionally, the property is an official New York City Landmark and was added to the National Register of Historic Places this past year.

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