The Wavecrest Management Team is a family-owned and operated management company committed to preserving the financial and physical viability of residential buildings across New York City. It’s our goal to ensure that residents of our properties are proud to call their buildings home.

We are one of the largest management companies in New York City, and we oversee more than 23,000 units in buildings of all sizes. Yet, we take a personal approach to our work, holding ourselves responsible for the efficient, diligent, and considerate administration of all building operations. We meet the financial and legal expectations of our building owners while providing our residents with respect, attention, and assistance to maintain a safe, clean, and well-cared-for place to live. Many of our employees are long-term members of the Wavecrest “family” and residents regularly come to know our executive team personally. As a result, we are partners with them in taking care of thousands of homes in all five boroughs and in Westchester.