Odesy Vinas

Odesy Vinas

Section 8 Manager
Tel: 718-412-3739

Odesy Vinas is the Section 8 Manager, where she oversees the administration and Housing Quality Standard for all Wavecrest residents using Section 8 and project-based vouchers (PBV). This includes supervising tenant related issues, lease renewal requests, assisting with annual recertifications, and all PBV Contract Project lease increase requests, among additional compliance regulations. Odesy and her team are responsible for nearly 5,000 units in the Wavecrest portfolio.

In her role, Odesy works collaboratively with many different departments, including the repairs, re-rentals, compliance, and legal departments, to ensure all necessary forms and certifications remain up to date and that all residents have an affordable place to call home. Additionally, the Section 8 Department must work with Wavecrest’s Leasing & Compliance departments; in addition to, the HUD Occupancy department on upcoming projects and re-rentals for Section 8 applicants.

Odesy began working at Wavecrest in 2003 as a file clerk, and as the company grew, she ascended through multiple roles and started taking on more management responsibility as a Section 8 specialist.

Licenses & Certifications

  • Registered Apartment Manager (RAM)
  • Mental Health First Aid USA
  • Local Law 1 of 2004


  • Resident Relationships
  • Client Services
  • Rental Assistance Programs